If I sit down and think through all the things our littles have missed, I can quickly sink into a dark place.

Sometimes it’s good to go into that dark place when things are hard for ME. Good to think about how THEY felt without a family, love, or home. No birthdays, no holidays, no celebrations.

Which is exactly why we celebrate birthdays, and gotcha days, and holidays with great intention! We have a lot of catching up to do!

No greater time of the year than Thanksgiving to Christmas! That’s why we take time early to start our decorating and celebrating.

Making their new childhood full of beautiful memories. Pulling out the decorations. Taking time to enjoy the season. Remembering it is all about God’s love. Thanking Jesus for all His great blessings for our family!

It is never too early to lavish our children with traditions and memories. ”Tis the season and I’m praying a Christmas miracle of adoption will fill your heart this year!