Maybe you wonder why our family would choose to Celebrate Gotcha/Family Day…

To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate~

Each of our children has a unique story of how they came to be in our family. A story that is harsh, bitter, and painful. No way to sugar coat it or make it nice. But some would say they are the lucky ones because they were allowed to live and were given a future…

Jeremiah 29:11 says For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 

As sure as I am that I was chosen to be their mom, I would never have wanted them to go through such horror as losing their family. I would have chosen their first family for them but life isn’t always what we want. It is making life better going forward with God’s help.

At one point each one of our children was abandoned by their first family and left to be taken to an orphanage. We have no details of why this decision was made which makes it difficult in explaining it to them. This abandonment brought severe trauma and lasting effects in their brain altering the ability to trust and feel secure. Some were in an orphanages 11 months and some almost five years. Some were with their family 4 days and some were with them 3 years. All those factors have caused trauma in varying degrees.

Then one day as they all sat in 6 going on 7 orphanages in China knowing no other life than the one they were living, God pressed on my heart they were our children. They were part of our family. We had to go bring them home to a forever love. In doing so, it would require another abandonment for them. It meant severing them from everything familiar even if it was in the worst of situations. It would take them from the few people they knew, the smells and tastes familiar, and a very institutionalized way of life to be thrust into the arms of people that looked, smelled, spoke, and acted like no one they had ever seen.

Each child has their own way of dealing with this Gotcha/Family Day trauma from kicking and screaming to quiet and non responsive to happy as a lark. We have experienced all of those. Most of them had not been prepared for what was happening. Really how could they? How could anyone explain to a small child HOW different their life was going to be? It was an experience we would survive and live to tell about.

Sometimes it makes me kind of mad and mostly sad that our children had to go through something so awful. None of us choose the family we are born into. We take what we are given and choose how we will respond.

My children didn’t get to choose any of it OR how to respond~

  • Whether they remained with their Chinese family or left to live in an orphanage.
  • Whether they would live their life in an orphanage or be adopted into an American family.
  • Whether they were a unwanted girl or born with a severe special need.

I had this thought…

God saw how sick and sinful the world was and decided the ONLY way to save His children from sure death was give His only Son to die for us on the cross. 

{A Chinese family saw how sick their little child was and decided the only way to save him was to leave them somewhere not knowing what would happen but believd it was the best for that child.}

Then Jesus died for us and was raised again to give us eternal life. Isn’t this why we celebrate Easter every year… death was changed to life. We were dead in sin and Jesus gave us a way to live forever with Him. 

{A child was left and taken to an orphanage with the family having no idea what would happen. In this great tragedy, a child was given a chance at life and maybe the hope for a forever family. One day a family DID come and give family and forever love so WHY wouldn’t we choose to celebrate it?}

To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate~

As terrible as Gotcha/Family Day was, it was also the day a forever love began and the end of an orphanage life. It was a day of sureness and security of family and knowing at the age of 14, they would not be put out on the street to fend for themselves which is what happens to the unadopted ones. Heart breaking isn’t it? It was the excruciating event for one time frame to end and another to begin.

Take that back to Jesus…

HE split time wide open with His Life. We know time now as BC and AD. This monumental moment in time still has huge significance on mankind and will continue for as long as the world is here. Because of His great sacrifice and resurrection we are all ADOPTED into His family if we choose to believe. With this belief we have the promise of eternal life… all we have to do is believe. There is no work to be done, no sacrifice to be made, just a simple choice.

Now to Adoption and Gotcha…

Their Gotcha was the day that split their life into two time frames~Life in China and Life of Forever.. time of uncertainty to life with security. Isn’t that what we’re given with Jesus~ Life in the Flesh to Life in Jesus’s Family Forever. The promise of ADOPTION. And IF we celebrate this adoption at Easter and Spiritual birthdays, doesn’t it stand to reason we would celebrate our children’s Forever Family Adoption Days?

THE day they were chosen and given Plans to Prosper… a Hope and a Future.

SO in OUR family we choose to Celebrate the Day our children were Chosen to be Loved in a Family… Forever Family Day.

We also Celebrate their Birthdays (even if we don’t know them to be exact) with great exuberance. They were given life by a precious Chinese family and it is not to be forgotten. Birth families loved from the beginning and we get to love who they become. They got the first… we get the rest and last. I’m so very grateful! Yes again to Celebrate!

China says it has 576,000 orphans in its child welfare system though outside groups put the number at closer to a million.

A sobering thought for sure and even more excrutiating is the number of children growing up in orphanages with no chance to be adopted. The Unadoptable that will be put out on the street when they turn 14 with no where to go and no one to take care of them. I die inside for them!!! What can we do???

I would urge you to contact one of the wonderful agencies we have used in the past for more information:

EVERY child deserves love and hope. Won’t you pray how you could help on orphan with their forever?

AND IF you have missed our adoption video and just need a little push over the cliff, watch and know Celebrating Forever and Being Chosen is going to last forever and be one of the greatest choices you could ever make!!!

May God bless the readers and every single orphan waiting all over the world!!!

James 1:27~ Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.