My beautiful friend Rebecca Radicchi whom you all met last week on Episode 17 is back this week reading her post written for No Hands But Ours on April 23, 2015 entitled Let Tomorrow Be Tomorrow.

The surgeon walked out in his blue scrubs, mask still hanging around his neck, and found us awaiting word that the surgery was over. The stitching, repairing, and testing was complete, and he offered  reassurance.  But, as we tend to do, we pressed.

What is the prognosis? How long is recovery? How much pain? Worst case scenario? When is the next surgery? Infection likely? Limitations for her?

We must ask, advocate and prepare. But must we be consumed by tomorrow, even in this?

Our news was mixed. Good news? No overnight stay as planned. Bad news? Her little body just doesn’t function as it should and the medical marathon continues. More tests, appointments, and surgeries.

So I had a choice. Start spinning around the tomorrows, or celebrate today’s victory.   

This post really speaks to all of us even two years later.

We all need to take life one day at a time. One moment at a time.

Let Tomorrow Be Tomorrow!

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