Today I want to introduce you to Catherine Ward, a precious friend I met in the middle of the night on a jet headed to China. I was actually walking Holly to the plane restroom to clean her up after a huge throw up session. I met eyes with the kindest face and she said, “Aren’t you going the wrong way?” Since we already had two of our sweet Chinese children traveling with us.

We were on our way to get Calla. Catherine and Blake were adopting their first child from China, sweet Theodore. God knew we would need each other in very real ways and we give Him all the glory for our continued friendship. Catherine and Blake make their home near Nashville, Tenn with their family of six beautiful children!

We share our journey meeting, supporting, and loving each other through our trip in China then home.  Catherine shares her thoughts of a first time adoption, cocooning her new son in the midst of big family life and homeschooling, and ways she makes her big family living successful.

Tons of wisdom shared!!! You’re going to love her as much as I do!!!

Show Notes:

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Adopted for Life

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