From the beginning of this podcast journey I knew I wanted to offer a bonus episode highlighting blog authors reading their own writing. If you are like me, it is hard to find time to read blog posts I’m really interested in. I have the perfect solution for our reading woes…


Every other week I hope to feature a blogger reading his or her adoption post. If you have ideas for posts you would like featured just email me at

I see this being an awesome way to listen while you work, drive, exercise, or just hangout.

My friend Kelley Berry whom you heard on Episode 1 was willing to read one of her posts featured on No Hand But Ours: Kings and Queens. (You can click this link and read while you listen!)

She writes, “Recently my heart was broken over the issue of disruptions in China. There are big discussions on how to reduce the number of them and even better, how to prevent them in the first place.”

Welcome Kelley Berry reading “Kings and Queens”.

Thank you for listening today and as always you can read the show notes at There you will be able to connect with Kelley online.

All in all my ultimate goal in creating Blogcasts is to highlight The Beautiful Symphony our lives can inspire if we all choose some part of adoption to pursue: prayer, support, foster, adopt. Orphans need us and we have a calling in James 1:27… Take Care.

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