Today I am chatting with my friend Kim Bolton, a Korean adoptee and adoptive mom to her son from Korea. We met at church when she was leading a small group for Evie and Holly. I was immediately drawn to her because she was Asian and reminded me of how Ella might look when she is a young woman. I had no idea at the time she and her husband Travis were on their own adoptive journey. As our friendship grew, she shared her own adoption story while I told her our children’s stories. She gave me insight into many successes and struggles as an adult adoptee. I mentored her as she waited for her precious son to come home. I know you are going to hear something you haven’t thought about before… I sure did! Join me in welcoming Kim Bolton to the podcast.


I would like to apologize for my children in the background. I am often recording during their rest time so there are interruptions at times but isn’t that real life? I hope you will still enjoy the show!!!


I know you will want to follow Kim online so you can find her on Instagram as kbolto. She also blogs at and has an Etsy shop