Today I am sharing a very moving blog post, It’s Not Fair written by my friend Annie Hamlin at Cornbread and Chopsticks.

We became friends over 4 years ago when our daughters were orphanage sisters in a cerebral palsy hospital in China. There is nothing sweeter than finding other families with children from the same orphanage and sharing the hardship of waiting, coming home, and facing all the unknowns in our children. We have planned to get our girls together but time, miles, and responsibilities of life have postponed the reunion.

Please listen to Annie as she reads a moving post of helping her daughter Lucy with cerebral palsy embrace her life and all God has planned for her…

It’s Not Fair


A huge thank you to Annie today for sharing part of her adoption story with us. I know it has given you something to think about when life’s Not Fairs come along.

I’ve said it before, adoption is not fair. Our children did not choose to be abandoned or adopted and they are not promised a perfect life even when they come home to their forever but as Annie has shared, every child is worth all the work, tears, and disappointments that accompany the brokenness of adoption. We don’t have all the answers and we won’t always know how to make everything better but we do know God works ALL things to the good of those who love Him. I think we would all agree, even on our hardest worst day, we wouldn’t trade these immeasurable gifts for anything!!!!!

You can follow Annie on FB @ Annie Hamlin, IG @anniehamfam, and her family blog Cornbread and Chopsticks.Annie also advocates from beautiful children waiting for families in China at Wonderful Waiting Kids.