Today I am talking with Jen Johanson from the sunny state of California.

We became friends through our blogs. Our friendship bloomed first through comments then emails and on to phone calls.

Sometimes you just need to hear someone’s voice especially when discussing tough adoption questions. It is also so wonderful to have support when in the waiting game of adoption AND those first months home.

We have been friends for a long time and I think my favorite thing about Jen is her praying heart. I will get a text out of the clear blue some days asking what she can pray for us. That is special and I certainly want to reciprocate for her family.

I know you are going to love her as much!

Show Notes:

The Connecting Child

The Whole Brained Child

Empowered to Connect

I live in a great family community in Clovis, CA with my husband, Brodie and 6 children….3 bio ages 16, 14, 12, 1 sweet treasure from China age 6, and 2 sweet treasures from Haiti ages 3 & 6. We were so beautifully wrecked 5 years ago when Jesus invited us on the journey of adoption & we thank Him continually for this gracious gift! We now homeschool all 6 of our children and love every minute we get to spend doing life together. I blog some of our memories at and on Instagram at jenjohanson.