Scott and I met a sweet couple on our long leg (15+ hours) from LA to Guangzhou. I was taking E&H to the bathroom for the 50th time although this time, H had just woken up from a deep sleep frightened, needing to go to the potty, and thrown up everywhere. All over her clothes, blanket, and my clothes… AND I didn’t have a change of clothes for either of us. WHAT experienced adoption mom doesn’t think about that!??

REMINDER: Pack a change of clothes for everyone in case of emergency… rest of the story~

I stripped H down to her undies and shirt and walked the aisle of shame smelling like throw up. The good thing~ it was ‘night’ in the cabin so most people were sleeping and oblivious to the trauma we were experiencing. I stood with both girls waiting to get into a stall, worn to a frazzle, and there I met Catherine. She was standing up in bulkhead (awesome seats) and immediately stuck up a conversation because that’s what adoptive moms do. Even in the middle of a stinky episode, her first words to me were, “Shouldn’t you be going the other way with those two adorable little girls?” We were the best of friends immediately and had lots to chat on even to this day! What a sweet God moment just when I needed it the most.

Catherine didn’t even bat an eye when we came walking out of the bathroom with a ‘sweater skirt’ on~ I found a clean sweater in E’s backpack and it made the perfect skirt for H to wear. I don’t think a single person thought it was odd. You see it all in China so we were good!

2016-05-22 08.00.01-3

We made it to Guangzhou at 5:30am needing food so we ended up at Subway eating subs for breakfast with our sweet new friends Blake and Catherine. We were both headed to Nanning for our adoptions. We would even be in the same city but sadly different hotels. We were also withe different agencies but we ended up at Civil Affairs together on Monday and received our children together. A very sweet bond!

During the night Scott had become very sick from something he had eaten or so we thought. He suffered through the morning and got up enough strength to go get Calla. He was so weak and really wasn’t well enough to help with the bitty girls or look forward to getting Calla. I was praying us through it and hoping he would feel better. I told Blake and Catherine as soon as they walked in.

I noticed Scott seemed to be feeling a little better but we were so involved with all that was going on, we didn’t discuss it. When were leaving with Calla in our arms, Scott looked at me with misty eyes to say something miraculous had happened to him as we sat in the official’s office filling out paperwork. He said he felt the sickness lift right out of his body. His strength came back. He wasn’t weak.

We saw Blake and Catherine later at Pizza Hut and were telling them the story. They said they had been specifically praying Scott would be healed and be able to enjoy getting Calla. Their faith was immediately encouraged because their prayers were answered.

2016-05-23 02.52.13-1

I can’t tell you how much it meant to know we weren’t in that big city in China alone. It meant everything to have like minded spirits offering support during such an emotional time. We would go on to pray, encourage, and talk everyday in China. We are still chatting now.

Neither of us had easy adoption trips. Both of us struggled with grieving children, sickness, and exhaustion but it sure was encouraging to know we were going through the same thing. God always gives us just what we need when we believe. I believe He knew we would need Blake and Catherine in China and they would need us. Listen to this story and I will be done…

Blake and Catherine were supposed to have flown out of LA on Thursday BUT when they went to check in for their flight, their passports had NO Visas! {ALL the adoption people are hyperventilating about right now!} Somehow this small detail had gone undone and they had to miss their flight. They called their agency, immigration, and the Visa dept to BEG someone to help them expedite them. Uber picked them up and they traveled to Visa Dept in LA where God intervened providing them Visas, new flights on Friday, and bulkhead seating. THAT IS GOD! And that we would meet them, become friends, and travel to the same city in China adopting our children on the same day.

Nothing is a coincidence!

Everything has a reason as a believer.

That’s just one of the many God moments throughout this trip to China. I hope to share more.

Love Wins Again!