I still remember the day back in February of last year that I saw her face for the first time. I knew she was our daughter but I had made a promise to keep quiet until God told Scott. Does anyone know how hard that was? It would take 7 months before he was ready to say yes. I was happy and scared all at the same time. She was chosen, and it was time to hit the ground running. She was waiting and needed her forever family.


Our Adoption Timeline:

Application to Agency: We filled our the application to our placement agency in August, 2015, and they locked CA’s file in China as we made sure our doctors felt good about her heart diagnosis.

Letter of Intent: (LOI) was sent for her on August 27, and we received that Pre Approval (PA) on September 6. {10 days}

Home Study: We were required to secure a home study agency to write HS for us and thrilled to have a familiar social worker. Tons of paperwork, fondly referred to as the Paper Chase, is required for a home study. Most of the documents required go into our dossier. From start to finish it took (2 months).

I800a: US Immigration Approval: Our home study was required to accompany the I800a application to immigration sent at end of November. We received fingerprint notice and went immediately on December 10. Our I800a Approval was given on December 17. {1 Month}

Dossier to China: Once we had I800a approval, all documents were secure for our placement agency to send a collection of 13 documents compiled into a Dossier to China on December 29th. {12 days}

Login Date: Once our dossier went to China, we waited for it to be Logged In (LID). We were LID on January 19. {21 days}

Letter of Acceptance: TODAY we sign our Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from China officially giving us approval to adopt our beautiful girl! {48 days}

Up to this point most adoptions have a varied timeline but now that LOA is signed and on its way, the rest is pretty much clockwork. We are guessing the rest of the process to take about two and a half months with travel estimated for mid May.

I800: More immigration paperwork is now filed (I-800). Once this is approved, the National Visa Center will send our provisional approval to adopt CA to the US Consulate in Guangzhou.

I800 Approval: An electronic copy of this approval is emailed to you and forwarded to your agency.

DS-260: We will file a DS-260 form online (more visa stuff).

Article 5: Our placement agency rep in China drops off several pieces of paperwork at the US Consulate in Guangzhou. This is referred to as your Article 5 drop off. We will wait approximately 2 weeks or 10 business days until the assigned day for pick up. Our placement agency rep in China picks up your Article 5 (A5) and overnights it to the CCCWA offices in Beijing.

Travel Approval: After an undetermined amount of time…anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks it seems like…the CCCWA will issue our travel approval. It is time to pack!!!

Consulate Appointment: After receiving TA, our agency will request a consulate appointment (CA).

Once the CA is confirmed, travel arrangements are made. Final packing is completed. And before we know it, we are on our way to China!