We have two avid readers in our house so far, and the smaller ones are not far behind.

We took a break from the library mainly because our new dog chewed 4 of our books unbeknownst to us, and when they went through the check in process we were charged $60. WHAT???

Now instead of checking out more books than we can keep up with, we have pawned it down to 1 per child and 1 listening set as well.

Much more doable and easier to store on our shelf~


With 6 children needing one on one time with reading, I need all the help I can get.


Ways to Increase Reading Success (even when you can’t sit with them):


1. Library Books~

Allow your child to choose ANY book he/she likes, and they are way more likely to pick it up and ‘read’. Imagine Payne’s surprise when he picked up his book this week, The Carrot Seed, and I casually mentioned he could probably read most of the words inside, then read most every word on his own to which he exclaimed, “I can read REAL books!” And that spurred Will to find it too, and he read it~



2. Limit Television~

My kids have very limited television time. It is not something we use to kill time. My favorite request is ‘find something to do’, and they are very good at it! The photos above were taken after school or through the afternoon when they choose reading as they’re ‘something’ to do.


3. Reading (Listening) in Many Different Ways~

You can see above we have DVD players, CD players, and tape players they can use for listening to stories. Remember me saying if they can work an iPhone, they can work household appliances? Same goes for the players I listed. We have lots of books on tape from when I taught school, and we love Audible and Librivox. Having the choices in baskets out where they can see is important too!



4. Allow Books anytime especially at Rest Time and Bedtime~

We have three book shelves full of books under their desks and one in each of the bedrooms. It is always okay to pick a stack of books for rest time, AND never a complaint for bedtime if they are allowed to take a stack to read while they wait for their tuck in. Works like a charm!!!!!


5. Read in Front of Them~

Scott and I make it a habit to read aloud to them after baths each night as well as being seen reading around them. I really prefer real books but if I do read digitally, I read on a Kindle and not iPad… just sets a better example as real reading and not surfing the web. ­čÖé



We are finding since the kids have begun memorizing scripture for Awana, they are realizing the wonder of reading. It is finally clicking that every word spoken can be written and therefore read. This has especially been true for the boys, and we couldn’t be happier for them!



Have you seen any of these strategies make a difference for your children learning to read?