{Repost from 2013}~

Easy tutorial for making silhouettes…

I had each one sit in a chair near a window and just flash me a smile to get warmed up~
 Then I faced them to the side and gave a certain something to look at…
I filled the frame with their profile.
{May take a few shots to get the just the right side view}~
 Next I printed each photo on white copy paper.
You might have to adjust the scale to make image bigger on the page.

Video Tutorial of Copying Workflow~

 I placed printed image on top of a black piece of construction paper.
Very carefully I cut around the profile of photo and black paper.
When complete I had a beautiful silhouette.

I coated the back of the silhouette with rubber cement and while wet attached to manila paper… could use just a simple piece of copy paper~
Once completely dry, I hung them from a fishing line with clothespins.

Here are the ones I shot this week~

I printed each photo then cut with a black construction attached~ 

They turned out perfect~

And now they are hanging in the school room for Thanksgiving~
One of my most favorite activities of the whole year.
A holiday tradition!