It won’t be long now. Our Article 5 pick up is Thursday, and the end of the paperwork trail winds to an end with Travel Approval issued, Consulate Appointment booked, and plane tickets purchased.

I first knew CA in my heart at an If Gathering way back in February 2015, and I first saw her face about two months later. I’ve loved this little face for a whole year now, and we are so close to holding her I can barely stand it.


It will come soon enough though and for now we Wait. Adoption gives you lots of practice with the Wait.

This is my 7th Wait, and I’ve come to realize a few important realizations while waiting.


Live for Today: 

In my heart I can not wait to have CA in my arms and love her big, but I have 9 other children already who need me Today. It is so important to stay in the now and make the most of it. Tomorrow will surely come, and I will have CA in my arms but for now, the ones I have need me the most.

2016-04-12 10.56.54


Never Be the Same:

Today is normal. Everyone will wake up, know I am here for them, and go about their day normally. We will all spend the day schooling, playing, and enjoying each other. For the most part, there is no competition for my attention and no one feels threatened. We have a routine and everyone sleeps through the night.

It will not be normal when CA is home. Everything turns to chaos in the first months of bringing a new child home. CA will need me to hold her, play with her, feed her, rock her, and give her the most attention. A lot of that will begin in China and we plan to take our two youngest so this new routine can begin there. It will be important to allow them bonding time before we get home to ‘their’ turf and the crazy begins.

2015-12-21 16.03.58


The Best is Yet to Come:

A new normal will come. I have written about Cocooning and I know it makes a huge difference. It’s nice summer is coming and things around our house go extremely simple. It will be good for our family to focus on finding a new normal as the new baby bonds and attaches to us. We will keep her world small and predictable for everyone’s sake.

The beginning is hard but knowing it from the start can make the work a smidge easier. No expectations is the best expectation. I do know The Best is Yet to Come and I will cling to it in the throws of the hard: jet lag, sickness, jealousy, and just plain tired. We will come back to our normal once again (in about two years), but it WILL come.

Family Photo- with CA copy

The smiles in this photo are the beauty of years and years of hard adoption work. It did not come easy or quick.

Adoption is gospel and blessed in God’s sight. He will graft sweet CA into the middle just as He’s done 6 times before. It won’t be long now.


Ecclesiastes 3:11 He makes all things beautiful in its time.